Wind at Sea

The unit Wind Energy of the Dutch energy research institute ECN is performing a four year meteorological measurement program on the Dutch part of the North Sea, requested by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The goal is to collected better wind data that can be used in the preparations of new offshore wind farm in the area that are allocated by ‘Nationaal Waterplan’. The available wind is one of the most important variables when calculating the expected revenues of these future power plants, therefore it is of great importance to collect more reliable wind data. This will lead to more certainty and less risks for investors reducing the costs.

At several platform in the North Sea wind measurements are done, but these are not accurate enough for offshore wind energy. The heights on which is measured is often too low and the frequencies are also too low.

Via this website you will find more information and get access to the different measurement positions at the Dutch part of the North Sea.



  1. Lichteiland Goeree (LEG)
  2. Europlatform (EPL)
  3. Meteorological Mast IJmuiden (MMIJ)
  4. Metocean Borssele wind farm zone (BWFZ)
  5. Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ)
  6. Meteomast OWEZ (MM OWEZ)
  7. K13


By order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency makes information available about the soil, wind and water conditions of wind farm sites to commercial parties. They can use this information as input for their tender for the Offshore Wind Energy SDE+ tender. (  

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has issued a contract for the Metocean buoys in the Borssele wind area. You will find the data checked with regard to quality of the MetOcean buoys on this website.