LEG: Introduction

On authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of The Netherlands ECN is carrying out meteorological measurements to chart the wind conditions on the North Sea. For this, a met mast called Meteomast IJmuiden has been instrumented at about 80 km offshore, where ECN is performing meteorological measurements ( see www.meteomastijmuiden.nl ).

A second measuring point on the North Sea is formed by Licht Eiland Goeree.

Licht Eiland Goeree

On a distance of about 30 km south-west from Hoek van Holland a platform called Lichteiland Goeree is situated. The exact location of the platform can be seen in this figure.

Location of lichteiland Goeree

The platform serves as a beacon for ships on the North Sea. Also, meteorological measurements and wave measurements are being performed on the platform.

Lichteiland Goeree

To perform wind speed measurements on the platform on higher altitudes (up to 220m above sea level), ECN has installed a Leosphere Windcube V2 Lidar on the platform.
The laser beam is eye-safe according IEC EN 60825-1, January 2008 

Windcube Lidar V2

Mechanical installation

On 6 October 2014 the LiDAR has been installed below the helicopter platform. 

Installed LiDAR (side view with safety net temporary removed for installation purposes)

Installed LiDAR (bottom view with safety net installed)